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 Me with so many plans, a new business, home and other pressing projects, including the Blogging 201 Challenge, have been sent to the pits. Last week I started taking a very strong dose of antibiotic and it has left me … Continue reading

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Que Sera Sera…..?

I don’t know about controlling my destiny or of fate.  It’s like a sea-captain, charting a voyage. The course, chosen by experienced seamen is based on historic information, present and weather forecast, as well as maintaining the determined heading. If … Continue reading

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In the Arms of Angels…….

Wolf’s eyes opened around three am, he was twitching and aching from sleeping in the chair by her bed. He spoke to the night nurse, home was just five minutes from the hospital. He’d go home and take a shower … Continue reading

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Crossing Bridges……

Staring in your tear filled eyes, your hand waved adieu, the hand that just moments before gently stroked my face. The image of you through the truck window will live in my heart till my dying day. There, there where … Continue reading

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No big deal, Ferris wheel, same old stuff, ya know?

Went to the Saint Lucie County Fair the other night…….I had a lot of fun wandering around with my camera. It was a gorgeous night, lower seventies on the thermometer. Clear, star filled skies and lots of people. Not the … Continue reading

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Ah yes, now I rememberer….

Emotions seem to be running a bit high…I’ve been very preoccupied with my new home and my hips. The pain is often quite sharp. The condo is quite livable now but I have much to add, as always. This coming … Continue reading

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The Crock Pot…….

I have been very focused on my new home. So finding time to lay anything really new out in RBR has been tough. Like a crock pot I’m slow cooking these days. I did come across a Billy Joel video … Continue reading

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