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The Good Stuff

Mornings here are magnificent, it truly is the Sunrise City and for that I’m extremely grateful. The spiritual connection that comes to me on the mornings I allow myself to sit and watch this day unfold are so uplifting, I … Continue reading

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In the Arms of Angels…….

Wolf’s eyes opened around three am, he was twitching and aching from sleeping in the chair by her bed. He spoke to the night nurse, home was just five minutes from the hospital. He’d go home and take a shower … Continue reading

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Ah yes, now I rememberer….

Emotions seem to be running a bit high…I’ve been very preoccupied with my new home and my hips. The pain is often quite sharp. The condo is quite livable now but I have much to add, as always. This coming … Continue reading

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Visceral Desires

Beyond reason or logic. You consume my every thought until we meet again. Cold sweats until I get my fix … My body cries out for you. Fervent is your firm hold on me. Tied up in knots. And yes … Continue reading

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