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Neglect of a Blog. Nah, it’s More than That.

You’d think I’d f***king learn. When I’m not journaling and not sharing here in the blogosphere something’s up, I’m telling you. By now I’d expect that blinding, mind numbing strobe lights would FLASH in my brain. But…. Nah, my thinking … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

Feeling down, I’m no stranger to that. …….and at the age of sixty, I’ve come to some conclusions in regard to the pitfalls of over embracing my feelings, in the short-term. How I feel?  I do pay close attention to … Continue reading

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No big deal, Ferris wheel, same old stuff, ya know?

Went to the Saint Lucie County Fair the other night…….I had a lot of fun wandering around with my camera. It was a gorgeous night, lower seventies on the thermometer. Clear, star filled skies and lots of people. Not the … Continue reading

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Ah yes, now I rememberer….

Emotions seem to be running a bit high…I’ve been very preoccupied with my new home and my hips. The pain is often quite sharp. The condo is quite livable now but I have much to add, as always. This coming … Continue reading

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Visceral Desires

Beyond reason or logic. You consume my every thought until we meet again. Cold sweats until I get my fix … My body cries out for you. Fervent is your firm hold on me. Tied up in knots. And yes … Continue reading

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Oh the Hip….

That’s what’s going on with me….The hip is not doing well and it drags me along with it. ..hmm…I’m relatively comfortable in my condo and little miss Meioux is doing well. Went for a little drive the other morning. The weather … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!

I’m all moved in. YES!!…Back in November it seemed like Mission Impossible. Now it is done, oh there are still boxes to unpack and some fine tuning but I’m in! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve been suffering … Continue reading

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