Neglect of a Blog. Nah, it’s More than That.

You’d think I’d f***king learn. When I’m not journaling and not sharing here in the blogosphere something’s up, I’m telling you. By now I’d expect that blinding, mind numbing strobe lights would FLASH in my brain. But…. Nah, my thinking will usually give me enough rope to hang myself? Haha… Now what? I want to recommit myself to my “RANTS”. With the state of our nation and what’s going on in the world, a boy like me’s gonna RANT! Add to that the crap I heap on myself, love, lust, loneliness, finances, ad nauseam. I have to stay away from that side of the mind. It can get pretty dark in there.

Port Fierce Sunrise view from my new place

Since I sold the condo in Fort Pierce and moved into my little one bedroom on the banks of the Indian River (still in FP but close to downtown) my quality of life has greatly improved. Still struggling with issues with my hip replacement and nerve damage. Daily pain, no more narcotics, though. I’m now using a more natural alternative for pain. It far works far better, with no worries of addiction.


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Fort Pierce Florida

Fort Pierce Marina 

Fort Pierce Florida 

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pirate-skullSo I decided to offer my services to Uber here on the Treasure Coast of Sunny Florida. It’s really helping out with the finances and I have to say there is a real book around the Uber World. I enjoy it immensely. I enjoy people, and 99.9% are a pleasure to have in my car. Oh boy but that .1% can ruin a night. So far so good tonight, I still have the app on but its 3am and I’m guess there will be one more stray… more usually a dude. One that got lucky at the bar and now and now is making the great escape. Tonight it has been going on extensively in the PSL area………It’s now 5:30. It’s quiet but someone somewhere in the area has got to have an early flight out of here. An airport run would top off the shift nicely. No real wack a do’s tonight.

Won’t be long now ………temps are rising, seeing lots of auto transporters loading up. Snowbirds will start pulling out soon…….We’ve got a last blast of spring breaker’s around. These college kids are a blast, I really enjoy MOST of them.


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February sites

Realizing the Lessons in Depression……


First sign of our “next” season!

Do you recall what it is?

Hint: It isn’t Spring.

Kind Regards and smirking – K

Photography complements of LGB


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“George Carlin – You have no rights”

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From Andrew Toy’s, apoptingjames

Great Read!

As I’m working on my extended edition of The Man in the Box, I find myself going back to this list. It’s a list of Pixar’s 22 tips on how to tell a great story. I almost don’t want to share this because I’m greedy like that, but then I got to thinking: great stories inspire […]

via The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive — adoptingjames

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Two Iraqi refugees, detained at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport

Lawyers representing two Iraqi refugees, detained at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport following President Donald Trump’s suspension of the refugee program, filed a suit early Saturday for their clients to be released. The Iraqi men, Hameed Khalid Darweesh and Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi, arrived on separate flights and were detained Friday night, the…

via Detention of Iraqi Refugees at JFK Sparks Legal Challenge to President Trump’s Executive Order — World – TIME

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