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There’s a Monster….

Be weary of the Monster. Regardless of the shape it chooses today. Stay free of the demon. that only wants to take and take Till it’s all been taken away.

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Put Your Lights ON

Is there a monster under your bed? How can we call ourselves progressive. A nation that sits ready to accept Donald Trump as our next President. It staggers the imagination. As president how would he have reacted as the United … Continue reading

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EXPERIENCE ROCK HISTORY! STEPPENWOLF Top 13 Album Track Gems ’68/’69 Ain’t it great that the band that talked the talk, walked the walk? Look at these Badass Rockers – Born To Be Wild? Hell yeah! Steppenwolf were one of the … Continue reading

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For My Bud “Bill South”:Kantner’s Passing

Billy Loved this album, hopefully he’ll now have a chance to meet Paul. Rest in Peace Guys.

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Check this out on Rolling Stone!

Hey, I saw this on Rolling Stone and thought you’d be interested in it. Watch John Legend, Juanes Play ‘Redemption Song’ Outside Detention Center

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Pavoratti and James Brown!

What more needs to be said;

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The Crock Pot…….

I have been very focused on my new home. So finding time to lay anything really new out in RBR has been tough. Like a crock pot I’m slow cooking these days. I did come across a Billy Joel video … Continue reading

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