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Yeah and ?

Time heals? Primal needs scream, yes Like a flame over me Wanting more,  anticipating love Bottom line; It hurts. Advertisements

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The Good Stuff

Mornings here are magnificent, it truly is the Sunrise City and for that I’m extremely grateful. The spiritual connection that comes to me on the mornings I allow myself to sit and watch this day unfold are so uplifting, I … Continue reading

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Neglect of a Blog. Nah, it’s More than That.

You’d think I’d f***king learn. When I’m not journaling and not sharing here in the blogosphere something’s up, I’m telling you. By now I’d expect that blinding, mind numbing strobe lights would FLASH in my brain. But…. Nah, my thinking … Continue reading

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Fort Pierce Florida Fort Pierce Marina  Fort Pierce Florida 

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So I decided to offer my services to Uber here on the Treasure Coast of Sunny Florida. It’s really helping out with the finances and I have to say there is a real book around the Uber World. I enjoy … Continue reading

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February sites

Originally posted on theblackwallblog:
First sign of our “next” season! Do you recall what it is? Hint: It isn’t Spring. Kind Regards and smirking – K Photography complements of LGB Ambience

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“George Carlin – You have no rights”

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