Neglect of a Blog. Nah, it’s More than That.

You’d think I’d f***king learn. When I’m not journaling and not sharing here in the blogosphere something’s up, I’m telling you. By now I’d expect that blinding, mind numbing strobe lights would FLASH in my brain. But…. Nah, my thinking will usually give me enough rope to hang myself? Haha… Now what? I want to recommit myself to my “RANTS”. With the state of our nation and what’s going on in the world, a boy like me’s gonna RANT! Add to that the crap I heap on myself, love, lust, loneliness, finances, ad nauseam. I have to stay away from that side of the mind. It can get pretty dark in there.

Port Fierce Sunrise view from my new place

Since I sold the condo in Fort Pierce and moved into my little one bedroom on the banks of the Indian River (still in FP but close to downtown) my quality of life has greatly improved. Still struggling with issues with my hip replacement and nerve damage. Daily pain, no more narcotics, though. I’m now using a more natural alternative for pain. It far works far better, with no worries of addiction.



About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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