pirate-skullSo I decided to offer my services to Uber here on the Treasure Coast of Sunny Florida. It’s really helping out with the finances and I have to say there is a real book around the Uber World. I enjoy it immensely. I enjoy people, and 99.9% are a pleasure to have in my car. Oh boy but that .1% can ruin a night. So far so good tonight, I still have the app on but its 3am and I’m guess there will be one more stray…..one more usually a dude. One that got lucky at the bar and now and now is making the great escape. Tonight it has been going on extensively in the PSL area………It’s now 5:30. It’s quiet but someone somewhere in the area has got to have an early flight out of here. An airport run would top off the shift nicely. No real wack a do’s tonight.

Won’t be long now ………temps are rising, seeing lots of auto transporters loading up. Snowbirds will start pulling out soon…….We’ve got a last blast of spring breaker’s around. These college kids are a blast, I really enjoy MOST of them.



About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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