Never Trump!


The Donald, that’s what we called him. Born with a silver spoon up where the skin ain’t yellow. It must have been the early seventies when I became aware of him. I even attempted to read The Art of the Deal. I’m sure I never finished it. Or maybe Hillary is right and all his books end in Chapter 11.

The other day The Donald gathered some pretty serious Evangelicals in Washington. The Donald hates Muslims and has publicly made fun of the disabled and by know means is he any form of advocate for women though he finds his daughter doable. Yeah I guess it was a good idea for a guy like that to surround himself with some big time Holy Rollers. Even Jerry Falwell was there. This guy has become a wealthy man through his Liberty University. (estimated net worth 10 million and growing ). Liberty University struggled through the 90’s into the millennium. Gay Scandals aside, LU has grown to one of the richest universities in the nation and under protection from the religious nonprofit tax loophole. Oh I’m sure Mr Falwell would line up with The Donald. He will learn more about tax loopholes. so Falwell . It’s like you just can’t make this shit up. As someone has already said, this gathering of the faithful sounds like a good episode of South Park.


Big news this morning the UK voted for #brexit. They will no longer be members of the EU. Something like 52  48%. Markets around the globe are falling. The Donald was in Scotland and held an infomercial/press conference about his golf property. He babbled several times, almost incoherently about #Brexit. At one point congratulating the Scots on their independence. Unfortunately, for the Donald, Scotland had voted to stay in the UA. Misinformed. At least.

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30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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