Breaking Point

PainWith my hip replacement surgery, last October there came relief from pain. Pain I had been living with for the past four years. Along with pain relief, I now realize, I was also lifted from a depression. (These things sneak up you, very subtle.)Yesterday, January 26, 2016, my home owners association decided to start concrete repairs on the walkways throughout our complex. After dropping a friend at Fort Lauderdale Airport, I arrived at my condo at approximately 11pm relieved that I was home. It is roughly 4hrs round trip. I was moments away from resting my tired body. I got out of the car and briefly reached into the back seat for my computer bag and fell right into a hole, left “unmarked” by the company doing the repairs on our walkways. I must have sprained or somehow damaged my leg in the fall. I have considerable pain in my hip and knee. This morning the company doing the repairs came by and put a yellow tape outline around the hole (a little to late for me)

Yesterday I deposited a government check into my TD Bank account. Three employees assured me that the funds would be available in full at around six a.m. the next moring. Well, this morning I checked my TD Bank account online and they had only released a small portion of the funds. So now TD Bank has the opportunity to charge me more insufficient funds fees on the charges that will be brought on by the automatic pay plans I have established. This is an unfair practice. For God’s Sake, it’s a government check! Had I stopped at Wal-Mart they would have cashed it immediately for a three dollar fee. I called my local TD Bank this morning and spoke to one of the individuals that yesterday had assured me it would clear by morning. Between apologies he tried to explain to me how sometimes this happens. He said “There has recently been an increase in fraudulent government checks. He knew all this yesterday! Why didn’t he say it? He comes off to me as a liar.

What in God’s name has happened in our country? Banking in America? These are heartless thieves who nearly destroyed our country a few years back. “Nearly” May be to gentle of a term.

Today the senate voted and annouced that Global Warming was not caused by humans. Was it monkeys then? Cows? I know, it was solely caused by the complete GOP Presidential lineup spewing their BULLSHIT. Ha! Donald Trump being endorsed by Jerry Falwells outfit, which really makes sense. I say DUMP TRUMP!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to leap into shit politico. I refrain.

Listen, I really appreciate your time reading this. The name of my site is a warning, Rants Happen!

Stay Well, Peace and I’ll be back………

About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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