It’s been a long time……

I need to apologize to those I have considered friends on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter for my long absence. I’m back, new hip and all. It’s been a long time coming. The last year was physically painful and I’m still very much involved in Physical Therapy, which leaves me quite sore, lots of ice and acetaminophen seem to be doing the trick. This is after many weeks of Percocet. Maintaining control over drugs like that can be difficult but very valuable. Much of my Physical Therapy would have been impossible without them.

My return comes at a time when RANTING may be very necessary. With the world basically at war with some scumbags from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan and our nation bombarded with news of the 2016 Presidential Campaign.



About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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One Response to It’s been a long time……

  1. smilecalm says:

    may you feel more ease
    in your body, heart & mind 🙂

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