Looking for Insight…

LogoHaving thoroughly enjoyed these months of blogging and meeting and sharing with many marvelous individuals, I have absorbed a great deal. Initially I decided to blog for a few of reasons, if you read my About  Page, I think you will get some idea. I have stories to share and I enjoy my photography. Sharing these in this arena has really been an education and a confidence booster. Reading and sharing with artists has really provided me with a new pair of glasses. Along with all of that I see improvement in my writing as well as my photography. My Right Brain work has been a labor of love.

I’m at a cross-road now, I have pretty much retired, as much as one can, from the tech world. A world I’ve been involved with my entire adult life.

Along comes an idea!

I have an itch to create a new, remote, computer support service. A reasonably priced personal support, unlike other web sites that offer these services. Many are available, you enter your credit card and your system is put through a process designed to clean and correct your system, whether or not it solves your issue is another thing. I’d like to focus on personalized service, interaction between technician and client. It spurs me into rethinking retirement and going at it one more time. You see, I’m trying to keep a balance between my Right Brain pursuits and, honestly, the need for a bit more income. My concern is that I loose touch with my right brain work in the pursuit.

I will focus my blog posts to artists, any and all. I’m thinking of calling it Right Brain Technologies. What do you think? So here we are with the “branding” thing. I already created a blog called Right Brain Technologies and have made a few posts but not with any consistency. If I were to continue with this my goals would have to be to generate traffic. Produce enough material to keep my new blog fresh. Collaborate all my social media, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. As well as create a home web site for the company.

People, I need input here. Do I move on with this endeavor? Or do I continue on strictly focusing on my right brain pursuits. I’ve been toying with this for a couple of weeks now and along comes Blogging201, coincidence, I think not. Hopefully my true goals will become clearer as I receive more input.

About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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7 Responses to Looking for Insight…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ryan. U are so thoughtful in everything u do. Yes, do for it! Great idea! I no of a better pay pal system I will share w/u whe n I her to see u again! MarSea

  2. M-R says:

    It sounds like a good idea, Reinhard … it’s a matter of costs to us and income to you, really – as well as precisely what you CAN do remotely. For instance, I think you’d need to set up one of those Citrix connections so as to be able to come on board a client’s computer and look around for yourself. Also, of course, you’d need a credit card/PayPal setup. What might be a good idea is to offer a 1-off freebie: some small problem (non-‘invasive’) for solution …

    • The connectivity issue is no problem…..I can provide support for all Programs….every thing from …..Major Office packages to AutoCad…the Adobe Products….Illustrator, Photoshop, all major packages. I know many products that are available free, very comparable to many of the major software packs…….I have done remote system analysis and support for many Fortune 500 Firms…I could provide training in these programs as well….system clean ups, troubleshooting…how to fully protect your systems without free. I can also remotely access cell phones and tablets…..I also will offer some products as well. I’ve been in touch with many suppliers and will move forward with those, once I have established a respectable presence…..phew!..There’s a lot to do….

      • M-R says:

        But all challenging and thus interesting, eh ?

      • It certainly has sparked something ……may as well work it day by day…..p.s. The physical therapy is helping quite a bit. I’ve been able to once again ride my bicycle, which I enjoy, with certain weather it still is difficult…but on the whole I’m gimpin’ along…..
        M.R. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I totally enjoy your friendship and I much admire your work…..R

      • M-R says:

        Give over ! 🙂

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