Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

Feeling down, I’m no stranger to that. …….and at the age of sixty, I’ve come to some conclusions in regard to the pitfalls of over embracing my feelings, in the short-term. How I feel?  I do pay close attention to my physical self, especially since I’m having these hip issues. Emotional feelings?…I really try not to contemplate these..spawned by chemical reactions in my brain…on any given day my emotions will fluctuate.. What I do…is more informative. ….. Life is….it just is..feelings ain’t facts……own it…..don’t deny it…..and make a plan to draw you from the negative….Guard and Guide Your Thoughts……”Staying Centered” is key. Music often can take me away from ‘stress’ I’m a big fan of road trips and loud music….Getting in my truck with my favorite playlist during a hectic day can be a big mood adjuster (they don’t need to be long) …….Many days, I find my center by just turning everything off….going into my sanctum and centering myself via meditation…… extremely invigorating….takes practice…yes….but very worth it. (they don’t need to be long, either). Also, some days are just meant to be that way. Pensive, reserved, studious…….accept them, and grow.

Singing the Blues

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  2. M-R says:

    I don’t understand ! – this post did NOT show up in my Inbox as an email. I hate that kind of unreliability: it has me wondering what ELSE didn’t …?! Grrrrrr …

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