Que Sera Sera…..?

On NewportI don’t know about controlling my destiny or of fate.  It’s like a sea-captain, charting a voyage. The course, chosen by experienced seamen is based on historic information, present and weather forecast, as well as maintaining the determined heading. If by some circumstance the conditions exist that require heading, sail and other forms of adjustments. These are implemented  as the need to maintain the course and to continue the voyage. Everything is based on the acceptance of… Que Sera Sera. We all have to live with what is in front of us…

I believe in Karma. It’s all about what we put out there. the more things done for others as well as the more focus on the right thing to do in circumstances, a motive to help or correct a situation, the more things, things that are out of our control, come around to work in our favor.  It just seems to happen that way often enough to keep trying. But keep in mind….Que Sera Sera…..(This door does swing both ways) Living and paying attention to what we devote our thought to, is of great importance!    Guard and Guide  Thought!

About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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4 Responses to Que Sera Sera…..?

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  4. M-R says:

    I hope you’re right about karma, Reinhard ! 🙂

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