Ah yes, now I rememberer….

mom and dadEmotions seem to be running a bit high…I’ve been very preoccupied with my new home and my hips. The pain is often quite sharp. The condo is quite livable now but I have much to add, as always. This coming Saturday would have been my Mom’s ninety-second birthday and I miss her. It never seemed we were often “on the same side of the fence” I would say but she was always there, quietly rooting for me. And, now she’s not. I was very fortunate to have had both my parents till they were eighty-eight.

What comes to mind, at this very early hour is how very fortunate I have been. I have had some very rich personal relationships, I’ve been able to visit some of the most remote places in the good ole U.S. of A.. The poets and writers and artists I have met. The different flavors of the American way of life as well as many in my homeland (Germany) and other countries as well. I’ve lived in a Caboose in the back country of Colorado, a tent, in the dead of winter in Wyoming and Idaho. I’ve seen the Eagle soar, the dolphins swim, the gators sunbathe and I could just go on and on. But, at this point in my life “The Powers that Be” have placed me here. Fort Pierce, Fl and I’m thrilled….I now live within twenty minutes of my sister “Rose” and her husband “John”. I haven’t lived in the same town as my sister since not long after high school…..It’s great!

Now I remember…What comes when I share with you all….I’ve truly enjoyed meeting wonderful people here in the blog o dome….  All of you taking me to interesting places, meeting wonderful people and curious plants and animals and I’m grateful to every one…sharing lives and passions….I was nudged today by my “Muse” from “Down Under”, without that nudge,  how much longer would I have sloughed off…..Thank You!…you know who you are!

You know my Mom was born on two twenty two twenty two……Trip Deuces……a winning hand, ….Love you Mom…..


About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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2 Responses to Ah yes, now I rememberer….

  1. Sweet. =)

    *Whisper: you might want to respell the long word in your title*

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