Maureen Winzig; The Artist.

maureen SelfMaureen Winzig and I have known each other for quite some time, almost thirty years. Its not like we were bosom buddies or anything but I know that we have watched each other from near and far over the years and have learned and been spiritually encouraged by each others perseverance in our walk of life.

It seems (not sure why?) that I’d always known that Maureen is an artist but it wasn’t until we friend-ed each other on Facebook that I learned how much of an Artist she is. Then, when she opened the Winzig Art Studio Page and I quickly “liked” it, I was able to see just how fine an Artist Maureen is. Her work always stirs something in me….

maureens DreamThis is Dream, which I find an incredible work and from what I understand, it quickly sold in an exhibition at the hip Peekskill Coffee house where, I hear, all the local artists hang. I strongly encourage anyone interested in a fine art by a very talented artist and a very nice person to stop by and “Like”, Winzig Art Studio and follow this lovely lady’s adventures.


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30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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