Testing Post by Email…..

Did it work?


About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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5 Responses to Testing Post by Email…..

  1. M. R. says:

    Chacun son goût, I guess, Reinhard. Don’t have a smartphone and never will have – don’t need one and refuse to pay all that money. I imagine the good news is that you’re an on-the-go person, and thus your satisfying discovery means you can post while doing your busy thing. Just don’t over-stress the h**s, OK? 😉

    • I so much appreciate the concern M.R… Really I do, My hips are a “pain in the ass” hah!…Believe me I spent over thirty years in the Information Technology field…..twenty of those years were spent before the term “Information Technology” existed…HaHa!! (that makes a me laugh….haha!. To be doing something for so long and then some youngin’ gives it a new name. M.R. Smartphones, dumbphones I don’t care they’ve all been nothing but digital leashes….really that’s all they have ever been……NOw the technology has brought a quality camera to the smartphone….this is where MY fascination lies. To be able take a good pic and be able to deliver it where ever I choose, to me, is a great deal……I learned HOW to explore these devices the hard way…..

  2. Great ….Post by email works….waddaya know!

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