HunterOk, I’m behind the eight ball in this 30 day festival of blogging. What can I say, the day-to-day of relocating has weighed me down for a couple of months now….I’m so f’n over it…I want my routine back!…wah wah!!….

I’m really digging the east coast of Florida, the people have been cool and seem to be more NY like than in Naples (The Southie Southern Retreat). No offense but I’d had my fill.

So the other day I had the new condo inspected….Oliver, Pittsburgh Steelers cap over his balding, skinny white head was the man they sent to do the job. Old Oli’s biggest concern was …..the cash….I got there a bit late…my real estate agent was there to let old Oliver in….Oliver was the kind a guy that wouldn’t no a joke if it bit him in the ass. Half hour work….160 bucks……but it got me insured, that’s all that matters…..

If all goes as planned I’ll be closing on the new condo Tuesday. It would have been Monday but MLK Day cut me off. Then, I get to haul my stuff out of storage, my poor hips……That’s next, after I settle, getting my hips fixed is reaching critical mass. Our recent cold snap here in Florida makes my hips scream…..


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30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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6 Responses to Hunter……esque?…..nah….whatever!

  1. M. R. says:

    And, Reinhard, if I hadn’t already withdrawn, today’s exercise would’ve caused me to do so. Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? I couldn’t be less interested. I begin to suspect that even this set of exercises is aimed at the young …

    • I completely understand, I have taken to reading the Z-h prompts….and really just reviewing that which I had already done on my own…also so caught up in the next phase of relocation….almost done….closing on new abode, 1130 tomorrow! Yay….

      • M. R. says:

        And won’t you be a happy little chappie THEN?!
        🙂 And your blogging mates will be happy for you! – but might then start nagging you about the hips …

  2. M. R. says:

    I have withdrawn from it. I reached the point where I realised it wasn’t going to extend my PKB, so there was no point. Besides, this bloody EDIT is killing me: should never have taken it on. I may withdraw from it, too! :-\

    • So sorry you are having a rough go…..what is PKB? and what bloody EDIT are you up to?

      • M. R. says:

        Personal Knowledge Base. A poor thing, but mine own, you might say. If I’m going to plough along with these exercises, I need them to be extending the old horizons. I know that sounds hideously egotistical: but honestly, what’s the point of doing [X] all over again …? I have said it before, I shall say it again: I’m really VERY intolerant. :-\

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