Cruisin’, Ft Pierce…….Day 7 Hero to Zero……

Yesterday was a weird day……..My offer on a condo was accepted (a good thing)…..My hip was feeling better…..yay! But, in the midst of it all….while driving around Fort Pierce; approaching an intersection where the road divides into three lanes, there was a car stopped with caution lights flashing in the center lane…..I thought he was broke down….since I was making a left turn I eased into the far left lane and slowed to go by this vehicle . Just in front of the stopped vehicle I saw a small black cat…….it had been hit…..trying to walk…….I’ll spare you the details…..but it made my stomach turn…..I was devastated… behind me….I couldn’t stop……I made my turn and had to pull over….I thought of my Meioux……I sat in my truck and had a melt down ………  as I prayed for the poor thing a police cruiser came on the scene…..What a tilt this put on the rest of my day..The poor thing…..I felt so…so…helpless. I went straight home and hugged my cat…the mees

Later on….I went for a ride,
just trying to familiarize my self with my new location…. Found some photo ops. Still just using my trusty old point and shoot…….

Found the future home of a railroad museum and some pretty flowers.

So I got to thinking about Zero to Hero, personalizing my page,: you know what? I’m happy with my page and I kinda think that it suits me just the way it is. I’ve pretty much played with all the bells and whistles that come with my theme.  “Damn, I love this song….who knew, Gwyneth Paltrow had the chops…..Pretty cool. So anyway….that’s my take on….Day Seven…..Congrats to all of the other members of the challenge…..

Darn, I just looked at the Zero to Hero site and they’ve got day eight up!…..Can I ever get ahead of this thing?


About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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4 Responses to Cruisin’, Ft Pierce…….Day 7 Hero to Zero……

  1. M. R. says:

    Glad the hip was feeling better. Glad for a lot of things. Very UNglad re the kitty, and very understanding of your reaction, Reinhard. We cat-lovers just can’t cope with that. But you know, don’t you?, that had it been a little dog, you would’ve been deeply distressed. Our problem is that our hearts are too soft; we understand that animals have to put their trust in us, and we so often let them down. By ‘us’, btw, I don’t mean US! – we NEVER let animals down. Keep your chin up.

  2. captureyouphotography says:

    I see far to many cats and dogs killed on the highway near our home. One time I was stopped on a busy road to let a small white dog cross the road. A lady in a car coming from the other direction hit the dog, and the poor little dog went flying into the air. I was stopped she should have seen that. She was way to busy speeding going probably 20 mph over the speed limit.. She never stopped to see about that little white dog. At that moment I cried because I felt like I did the right thing and then to have someone else come along that did not care. My day went downhill after that.

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