Day 1, Zero to Hero…..Why am I here?

Sorry to get here so late but better late than never!

Ah yes…..a question for the ages….Why am I here?

My name is Reinhard Marton, many call me Ryan. I was born in Julich,  Germany, middle child of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. Mom and Dad were born and raised in the Balkans, prior to WWII. Our family arrived in NY in 1956, I was three.

As my “about” page states, I’ve spent much of my life pursuing what I was taught to pursue. Often failing miserably. I rebelled often, chasing lifestyles that I thought would fulfill the passions that brew within, urges I did not understand. I have no regrets for chasing these dreams. In the process I’ve seen, touched and tasted much of this marvelous creation, Earth. I’ve sailed many interesting waters, stood where few, if any, had stood before and  have met amazing individuals along the way. Still the yearning continues. I’ve kept a journal, on and off, for many years, often illuminating the darkness inside. I’ve abused myself in many ways through the years, bouts of drug use and heavy drinking always trying to fill the void inside to no avail. Spent many years taking steps prescribed by others, with some success but the yearning persisted. I’ve been married three times. The first one was just wrong. The second held promise for a time.  Then at last, my Melanie, we were together for fifteen years, married for the last nine, when in 2005, God or Whomever or Whatever runs this show decided He needed her more than I.

On my “About” page I describe how I’ve spent most of my life working with my Left Brain…….Today I am focused on developing my Right Brain processes. I enjoy writing, though I  seem never to be satisfied by what I write and forever edit. I enjoy working with a camera, though there to I’m never satisfied. I am even contemplating pursuing some education in the Arts. I’ve always loved music of almost every sort and have always felt no matter what genre, if it’s good….its good. There is beauty all around me and I want to share what I see, hear, taste and touch. That’s why I decided to blog.


About Reinhard Marton

30+ years a student of the World of Technology.
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5 Responses to Day 1, Zero to Hero…..Why am I here?

  1. M. R. says:

    That new photo!!! – no wonder you looked blissed out, Reinhard! wie schön!

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