8 December 2013

To my Dear Followers forgive me for these boring posts. I find it very helpful to use this space  as a journal.

English: John Lennon Deutsch: John Lennon

Today marks the thirty third anniversary of  the murderous death of John Lennon.  Of all the Beatles John was my favorite.  He wrote of Peace and Love, of social inequalities. His lyrics bore  a different voice.  Once removed from the Lennon/McCartney genre he blossomed. I remember first hearing Imagine and Working Class Hero and how deeply these songs moved me. What more would he have given us, if he’d lived? Also today Jim Morrison would have been 70 years old. OMG! The Doors as well broke new ground in there time. Jim’s on stage antics were something to see. OK, enough nostalgia,

On another note; as my dear old Dad would say, in his heavy German accent, “You never no how rich you are, until you have to move”……..Boy, was he ever right!  It’s been an incredibly busy week. Clearing out the garage feels like my life’s work. (smiling) But I’m starting to see the light at the end of that tunnel.  In exactly two weeks from tomorrow I will say good bye to Naples.wagons

Naples is a very interesting city. Not quite a city in my definition of a city but that’s what “they” like to call it. Mention the fact that you live in Naples and their immediate assumption is, you must have big bucks. Not necessarily the case. The case in point, Moi, no big bucks here! The fact of the matter is, like many other areas there is a dividing line. In Naples US 41(except for Naples Park)is the dividing line. West of 41, snow-bird heaven, The further west you go, the properties become more and more, I’ll use the word, refined. hmm.  Then when you reach Gulfshore Drive, the Monster Mansions. with their impeccable landscaping, create a wall abolishing any view of the gulf. This is where the money is. Another territory of America’s 1%’ers. Thankfully the city left a street wide gap each block for public beach access.

Scattered about the east of 41 we have the gated communities. Someone could write a book about…heh! Like the walled cities of  earlier days, in these enclaves we find some of what remains of  America’s Middle Class, with more rules and condo commando types…..For me….notsomuch.  Most of these botanical wonders surround a golf course or two,  a wide range of amenities, prescribed by the purse of the inhabitants.

The remainder of the land mass of Naples is housing for the people that are employed by the services which provide for the above and believe me there are many.

Some time before I arrived in Naples. Kelly Rd, an area hosting rampant drug trafficking and prostitution minutes from Naples prestigious Fifth Avenue was about to change.  ” They”, the city decided it was time to clean up this region. The first order of business was to change the name of Kelly Rd to Bayshore Dr.  With increased police presence as well as a widening of the street, installing a palm tree lined  island between the north and south lanes , it was really starting to take shape. There were many civic improvements on the agenda as well as some development planned  that was sure to bring this area into alignment with the adjoining communities. Here I come, in 2008, ready to make my home in Naples, this property off of Bayshore Dr had all the markings of a future winner. Well then the bubble burst. Fortunately my property was in a pre-foreclosure state when I purchased it. My hit is not as bad as some. The area is still sub standard for Naples. Any real growth is still years away. The police are still kept quite busy in the area. My home has been broken into twice since I’ve been here. (I’d lived all over NY, The Bronx and Westchester) I had to come to Naples to experience the personal violation these crimes manifest. The sheriff’s department barely responded to these reports. The property is in the wrong part of town.

The other interesting bit of news is the unreported crime. The “they” I referred to earlier seem to have the ability to keep much of the crime that goes on in Naples low key. I mean like out of the papers. I’ve seen the police chopper searching nights, sometimes for hours, sure there was some kind of killer on the loss, The next day, nothing in the paper. Any given Friday or Saturday night the police have people stopped constantly with no reported information in the paper the following day. After both incidences of robber in my home, after the police finally did come, the cases were promptly closed. On one occasion I had evidence that the detective, assigned to the case didn’t even want to see. Informing me he closed the case. Never would have happened if I had a Gulfshore Dr address. I image Naples is not alone in this type of behavior I’m sure the year round low income areas, in all the tourism destination towns and cities, are dealt with the same way. I’ve had enough of it here in Beautiful Naples.


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