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apple-at-the-crossroads-of-technology-and-liberal-artsCould the image of a sand castle be etched on a single grain of sand?……Where will The World of Wearable Technology go from here?

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Looking for Insight…

LogoHaving thoroughly enjoyed these months of blogging and meeting and sharing with many marvelous individuals, I have absorbed a great deal. Initially I decided to blog for a few of reasons, if you read my About  Page, I think you will get some idea. I have stories to share and I enjoy my photography. Sharing these in this arena has really been an education and a confidence booster. Reading and sharing with artists has really provided me with a new pair of glasses. Along with all of that I see improvement in my writing as well as my photography. My Right Brain work has been a labor of love.

I’m at a cross-road now, I have pretty much retired, as much as one can, from the tech world. A world I’ve been involved with my entire adult life.

Along comes an idea!

I have an itch to create a new, remote, computer support service. A reasonably priced personal support, unlike other web sites that offer these services. Many are available, you enter your credit card and your system is put through a process designed to clean and correct your system, whether or not it solves your issue is another thing. I’d like to focus on personalized service, interaction between technician and client. It spurs me into rethinking retirement and going at it one more time. You see, I’m trying to keep a balance between my Right Brain pursuits and, honestly, the need for a bit more income. My concern is that I loose touch with my right brain work in the pursuit.

I will focus my blog posts to artists, any and all. I’m thinking of calling it Right Brain Technologies. What do you think? So here we are with the “branding” thing. I already created a blog called Right Brain Technologies and have made a few posts but not with any consistency. If I were to continue with this my goals would have to be to generate traffic. Produce enough material to keep my new blog fresh. Collaborate all my social media, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. As well as create a home web site for the company.

People, I need input here. Do I move on with this endeavor? Or do I continue on strictly focusing on my right brain pursuits. I’ve been toying with this for a couple of weeks now and along comes Blogging201, coincidence, I think not. Hopefully my true goals will become clearer as I receive more input.

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The Happy Buddha

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Osprey Rest


I continue to play with this image

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Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

Feeling down, I’m no stranger to that. …….and at the age of sixty, I’ve come to some conclusions in regard to the pitfalls of over embracing my feelings, in the short-term. How I feel?  I do pay close attention to my physical self, especially since I’m having these hip issues. Emotional feelings?…I really try not to contemplate these..spawned by chemical reactions in my brain…on any given day my emotions will fluctuate.. What I do…is more informative. ….. Life is….it just is..feelings ain’t facts……own it…..don’t deny it…..and make a plan to draw you from the negative….Guard and Guide Your Thoughts……”Staying Centered” is key. Music often can take me away from ‘stress’ I’m a big fan of road trips and loud music….Getting in my truck with my favorite playlist during a hectic day can be a big mood adjuster (they don’t need to be long) …….Many days, I find my center by just turning everything off….going into my sanctum and centering myself via meditation…… extremely invigorating….takes practice…yes….but very worth it. (they don’t need to be long, either). Also, some days are just meant to be that way. Pensive, reserved, studious…….accept them, and grow.

Singing the Blues

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Que Sera Sera…..?

On NewportI don’t know about controlling my destiny or of fate.  It’s like a sea-captain, charting a voyage. The course, chosen by experienced seamen is based on historic information, present and weather forecast, as well as maintaining the determined heading. If by some circumstance the conditions exist that require heading, sail and other forms of adjustments. These are implemented  as the need to maintain the course and to continue the voyage. Everything is based on the acceptance of… Que Sera Sera. We all have to live with what is in front of us…

I believe in Karma. It’s all about what we put out there. the more things done for others as well as the more focus on the right thing to do in circumstances, a motive to help or correct a situation, the more things, things that are out of our control, come around to work in our favor.  It just seems to happen that way often enough to keep trying. But keep in mind….Que Sera Sera…..(This door does swing both ways) Living and paying attention to what we devote our thought to, is of great importance!    Guard and Guide  Thought!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection




1.  the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
2.  an image; representation; counterpart.
3.  a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
4.  a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.
5.  an unfavorable remark or observation.

Reflection, so attractive to the photographer’s eye, so fulfilling to the wandering soul…..Looking back, living forward, plotting courses. Halting progress that’s going the wrong way.

My first thoughts of writing came to me as a youth, reading The Hobbit. The idea that worlds, creatures, things and people can be created by anyone. Anyone, with the imagination and love of a story can create a universe. I remember writing in journals when I was a teenager. I remember drawing out a whole world that I would create.  I have never really shared much of my writing. It is really just recently that I have tested the waters. Stories flow through me daily…..I love a story….whatever it maybe…..I hope to someday publish…..I yearn to perfect my communication skills….I practice most days……often many hours at the keyboard….



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